Creative Uses of Stickers in Advertising: i love those alternative designs that need actions in order to be fully explained. ❥ via Creative Guerrilla Marketing Examples
Good design must be understandable.❥ via laureola  < Martin Baillie < tonysojka
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Here some of my submissions:
Matrix Resolution,  The Leading of Life, That obscure Offset of Desire, The Rulers of Attraction, Mary Croppings, Alpha channel Dog, X-height Men, American Typo, Bevel the great mouse detective, Bitmap of Treasure, Requiem for a Dreamweaver, Somewhere Overlay the Rainbow, Body type of Evidence, No country for Bold Men, T for Tolerance, My best friend’s embedding, The Rise and Fall of the Times New Roman Empire, Magnum DPI, Bold Fiction.

Someone has painted symbols from Nintendo’s Mario Kart video game in the bike lanes on N. Williams Ave - Portland :3❥ via Bikeportland-org
Intimately yours? Gosh. I can’t imagine anyone less intimate than them.
Scarily true!❥ via lucasmelb
If I was a Robot by Alex Noriega
Never leave a child alone with a dog